The UNT Center for Young Children is an early childhood program within the College of Education. The CYC offers a research-based preschool program that is committed to the care and education of young children. The center's mission is to:

  • Provide a model of early care and education that honors children as complex intellectual, social and cultural beings in an environment that nurtures their multicultural and multilingual practices, as well as their capacities to imagine and create a better tomorrow. 
  • Provide a model for early childhood bilingual care and education focused on sustaining and developing children's emergent Spanish language practices as a gateway to becoming bilingual/biliterate. 
  • Contribute to the professional learning and development of teachers, counselors, and school leaders in partnership with UNT's undergraduate and graduate programs in the College of Education 
  • Engage with research that expands, beyond traditional developmental norms, our understandings of children and early care and education practices in order to grasp the nuances and complexities of children's experiences and learning. 

    Colorful artwork made by a child.